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In 1976 the adventure of the italian Barbieri family began. The strong passion for fashion and bijoux brought Riccardo and Pietro Barbieri, joined by their brother Gabriele, to found the "Barbieri Creazioni" company. Supported by a robustly booming market and by a yet specialised territory, they started to design, project and produce their first trendy bijoux. So, they became european leader very soon by exporting their “made in Italy” creations abroad.
 With the advent of the new millenium, a new challenge came in: “Naturalia” was born. It is an "ethno-chic" line that includes harmonic creations made of warm and natural materials such as horn, nacre and wood.
In january 2012, two new lines were created in order to complete the seasonal collections: they were named Exploria and Via Francesca and embraced an ever growing female target.
On one hand, Exploria is the young and trendy line of Barbieri Creazioni: it is all about fresh designs and collections, created to anticipate new trends and to allow the one who wears them to achieve a look that stands out. Via Francesca, on the other hand, is the bijoux line that marks an extremely strong connection with the origins. The elegant designs, interpreted by refined materials, give life to exclusive creations adressed to charming and glamorous women. The name “Via Francesca” is a tribute to the namesake street where the company successfully based its small laboratory of bijoux.
At the beginning of 2014, the Barbieri brothers embraced a new exciting challenge, encouraged by their second generation: they felt ready to “fly alone” on the market and so they started a new retail project to identify the “Brand”.


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